SEO Obsession in China

As I made traffic of Mobile Gaming Portal of China Mobile grow several times, many companies in Nanjing want an interview with me, but we always disappoint each other.

In my opinion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just an auxiliary means for content of websites, but those companies don’t think so, SEO is their panacea.

For them, SEO has little to do with content, and the word SEO is equivalent to black hat SEO, which is unacceptable for an editor, translator and writer like me.

Therefore, I wrote in my online resume that I don’t accept pure SEO position, which has nothing to do with content. It seems that interview calls of SEO posts have decreased since then, but still there are some HR personnel don’t understand it.

I attended an interview this Monday, the interviewer told me on the phone that the post was about copywriting and online marketing, and they need to determine my position after an interview.

But during the interview, the interviewer said he is most interested in my SEO specialty. He seemed to be regardless of what I wrote in the resume, what I explained on the phone, and my current title of “Chief Editor”.

I have to say, idiots always exist.

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