Why Chinese Youth Become Unprecedentedly Lazy?

Although Chinese have a reputation for being hard-working, the youth generation of Chinese today is unprecedentedly lazy.

Such laziness is reflected in all aspects of daily lives.

For example, most young people would never climb stairs as long as there is an elevator, even if their target floor is only the second floor. The same thing happens when they go downstairs, no matter how low they are and how long they need to wait.

And another example, when there is no bike in a public bike station, most young people prefer to call the dispatching center and wait for old staff to send bikes than go to another station with plenty bikes just 500m away.

The reason might be various. The typical one is that most youth people are not used to exercises, they have been busy with studies such childhood; besides, as most young people work in office today, they might be accustomed to sitting all day.

As a result, humpback, beer belly and weakness are very common for Chinese youth.

Otaku is often used to refer to young men (Zhai Nan 宅男) and women (Zhai Nv 宅女) in China, who naturally accept the label. They like to stay at home all day long in weekends and holidays, surfing on the internet.


Such phenomenon also exists in other countries, but it seems to be much more serious in China. One thing impressed me was that when I was in university, there are often more overseas students from South Korea than Chinese students swimming in the sea, especially in severe weathers, despite the fact that the number of Korean students was far less than Chinese students.

Statistics have shown that average height of young Chinese today is lower than their contemporaries in Japan and South Korea, which say a lot.


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