Migrant Workers and Their Mobile Gaming Exploiters in China


The above is a photo of ironic contrast.

The nearby low temporary buildings are dorms of migrant workers, and the distant mansions are built by the migrant workers; meanwhile, people working in the mansions are making mobile games for their target users – the migrant workers.

I took this picture downstairs, yes, I’m one of the staff in the mansions, yet not the kind of people thinking about earning players’ money all day, like game designers.

At first thought, it may seem strange that migrant workers are target players of mobile games, but explanation from game developers is: migrant workers have very few entertainment activities, and mobile game is a good choice for them.

The subtexts are: the workers are very easy to be satisfied, and they are willing to pay for inferior games; besides, they are easy to be cheated, for illegal hidden charging does exist, or the paying button would jump out suddenly to make you hit it by accident.

These are the facts.

Although some mobile developers in China claim that even their front desk clerks are game lovers, their products have little appeal for hardcore players or ordinary people who do not play games often, compared to overwhelming popular games from the west, such as Angry Birds and Clash of Clans.

They admit that their target customers are the “Three Lows” population, “Three Lows” refer to “low income, low educational degree and low age”, migrant workers and students are typical of them.

Anyhow, along with the popularity of smartphones, mobile gaming has been booming such 2013, producing lots of millionaires and billionaires, but situation of their target customers are not likely to become better.

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