Looking for co-writers!

Hi, thanks for paying attention to this blog.  There have been mails from readers complimenting me and this blog, but unfortunately, I’m not having much time for writing, partly because I’m busy with a new project: cmgm.net, an English website on China’s mobile games market.

However, I’ve been thinking about finding some co-writers to write an English blog on China together for a period, if anyone is interested in this, please write an email to karvin@cmgm.net, and we can registered a new domain specially for that blog.

Looking forward to anyone who see this!

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I’m a blogger, editor and translator from China, now chief editor of a mobile gaming media site in Nanjing city.
This is my English blog.
"Internet in China" refers to the special internet environment in China blocking foreign services and creating unique phenomena.
Contact: v#sunyansong.com (#→@)
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