Ejaculation Occurs Finally and Flood Comes Along

Various rumored crimes (not only corruption and promiscuity, but murders) of Kangshifu (康师傅 a common alias of Zhou Yongkang on the Internet) have been discussed at Weibo.com and forums in China for more than a year, encouraged by successive reports on crimes of officials and entrepreneurs related to Zhou Yongkang. Even before this, Zhou has been known as an uncontrolled tsar of Chinese political and law system, commanding millions of armed police and security forces.

Readers of these rumors finally surged during the past two days, as the Central Government has disclosed “serious discipline violations” of Zhou Yongkang. And Zhou’s exact name now eventually dominates front pages of all news sites.


Zhou Yongkang

Zhou’s case was just like the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes – almost everyone knew it, but as it was not announced by the government, netizens had to use aliases and domestic news agencies could only slightly imply it, creating a unique phenomenon on the earth.

Delay of the announcement might largely due to incomplete investigations around Zhou Yongkang, but some people speculated that Zhou’s case might end up with nothing definite finally. A vivid metaphor was that orgasm could be too long to cause ejaculation.

Anyhow, the ejaculation occurred eventually as a brief of only 12 Chinese characters was released on 18:00 of July 29th, and Zhou Yongkang is no longer a sensitive word in search engines and social networks. Although I have been waiting it for a long time, I let out a cry of surprise when I knew the news.

Thereafter, all Chinese news sites are free (at least to a much larger extent) to comment on Zhou’s issues, interview all kinds of related people and dig more information, verifying more and more rumors on the Internet.

For the ill-informed population, which is large, they finally get an unprecedented chance to know much more about this super big figure.

A catastrophic flood has come after the delayed ejaculation.

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